Southwest Kayak Classic results

Southwest Kayak Classic Results 2017


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The Kayak Fishing ClassicS held the Southwest Kayak Classic on Aug. 19 which proved to be another very hot day in South Florida. The tournament featured a fishing zone from the famous Pine Island waters to Estero Bay to the south. Our good friends at the Sandy Hook Seafood & Ribs restaurant on Matlacha Island opened just for the anglers, to host the event with cold beverages and plenty of good eats.

There was a very nice breeze early in the morning and the anglers were able to score some nice catches of Redfish & Trout in the morning cool only to be slammed with hot, humid weather with no breeze around 10 AM, like a wet blanket was one remark at weigh in.

The anglers of course just keep on going and hunting for their quarry and with some success for most. David Driscoll had 2 huge redfish break off at the kayak and we all know how that feels. Others had some big trout flip-flop off of the hook and others started counting big reds that just wouldn’t strike. Well all I can say about that is ‘shame on those mean ole fish.’

If you have never fished the Pine Island area you really should. There is very good fishing there once you learn your way around. We were standing in the Sandy Hook watching the reds mix with a huge school of mullet in 2 feet on water. Mullet stir up small crabs and shrimp as they nose around and the reds are always happy to munch on them. Then a school of Blues came in followed by a school of Jacks.  It’s always fun to watch the show especially when the Tarpon roll in. Let’s take a look at how the scoring worked out.


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1st place Robert Brown scored 2 redfish & 2 trout for a total of 86.5”

2nd place Joe Henary total of 79.4”

3rd place David Driscoll 78”

4th place Daniel McKitrick 59.4”

5th place Dave Harper 59”

Biggest Fish was caught by Daniel McKitrick 29.4” redfish  

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Most anglers caught fish and all had great time fishing and catching up at Sandy Hook. Next up is the Weedon Island Classic on September 16th for the kayak anglers. Registration is now open on our website.

We wish to congratulate all anglers and thank our sponsors who make this possible. Please let them know that you appreciate it and will see you on the 16th  www.KayakFishingClassicS.com