Indian River Classic 2017 Results

The Kayak Fishing ClassicS held the Indian River Classic on June 24th on a hot Florida day. It was the first day of no rain in a couple of weeks so we here happy about that and so were the good folks at Goodrich Seafood, the event host. In fact the rain has been so plentiful that the water levels looked to be back up and the water quality was not bad at all.

Anglers were fishing for 2 redfish and 2 trout in the catch, photo release tournament as are all of the Kayak Fishing ClassicS and Skiff ClassicS events are. The collected fish data is shared with our marine research friends. Scoring was by iAngler Tournament which simplifies our conservation efforts and greatly helps our fisheries.

Although it was hot after a cool sunrise, the anglers got right to it and put some nice numbers onto our leader board. There is a compelling strategy that unfolds during a multi-species tournament that is interesting to watch. You can do so on the iAngler Tournament website as the scoring happens.

Anglers must record all four fish to be competitive and of course the bigger the better as there is now slot limit since all fish are released…no worse for the ware. I can see the shift in angler thinking as they record the inches. It is difficult to leave fish to find fish for one thing. Another issue is does an angler with 2 trout for example move on to hunting redfish or try to catch that gator 38” beast that has been taunting you all morning? When is big enough big enough?

Most anglers go after the trout in the early morning however some dandy trout have been caught around noon or later. It’s a tough call that every tournament angler faces…such is the life of…

Let’s take a look at how this field of seasoned veterans and a mix of some ‘new guys’ worked out.

The Bending Branches Big Ole Fish award was captured by Dustin Bragman. A very nice redfish measuring 26” even. The reds had great color and big shoulders. Enjoy the new BB Paddle and congratulations Dustin.

1st Place was hammered down tight by Mike Kappenmacher with 4 fish total score of 86.3” Kappenmacher, a rookie did so on one of the trickiest fisheries on the planet…impressive. Tight work young man and I know we will see you in Tampa next month.

2nd Place was landed by Miguel Pandich with another great 4 fish score of 80.4” Congratulations Miguel for another solid tournament.

3rd Place was hooked by Dustin Bragman with a 4 fish total of 77” That Big Ole Fish put you in the money. Congratulations Dustin, a solid day and some 1st Place in ClassicS Masters Cash.

4th place was earned by Adam Witbeck with a 1 redfish, 2 trout total of 46.7” and some ClassicS Masters money…nice day on the water.

5th Place was taken by Connor Jones with a 2 trout total of 46.1” Nice trout Connor and congratulations in taking home some ClassicS Masters Cash.

All of the anglers thank our amazing sponsors and invite you to visit the Kayak Fishing ClassicS and click on our sponsors…amazing for sure. Next up is the Tampa Bay Classic on July 22nd. Please visit our sponsors and check our schedule at www.KayakFishingClassicS.com