Marine Research that works for Anglers

Marine research that works for anglers is key to healthy waters. The Kayak Fishing ClassicS holds tournaments in locations from Texas to Florida and we see much of the coastal Gulf of Mexcio in our travels. Long ago we noticed that the esturies needed some help. In 2010 we partnered with several world class marine research organizations to share our fish data with...a valuable commodity indeed. We share information about fish health, populations, concentrations and general locations directily or indirectly with these organizations.

In 2015 the Snook and Gamefish Foundation released their iAnger Tournamet App that we use for electronic scoring in our events. The app gathers amazing information that we share with our marine research friends. For example a stock accessment (fish population, health, size, etc) is very expensive to conduct. By sharing our data from a tournament, you the angler contribute to this work. In turn the FWC, Mote Marine Laboratory, Snook & Gamefish Foundation and others can see the condition of populations that we fish. We want to thank you and let you know we appreciate your help.