Weedon Island Classic Results

Kayak Fishing ClassicS Weedon Island Classic 2015 Results
A Great Day in the Weedon Island Classic
The Kayak Fishing ClassicS hoped for a great day for the Weedon Island Classic and got it. The weather was nearly perfect with a mild breeze, mostly sunny sky and perfect tides. The 22 anglers that fished the tournament and the additional 5 that had to cancel at the last minute do to call to duty all held a good thought and it paid off.
The Classic was hosted by the Hula Bay Club in Tampa and the anglers fished the water across the bay around Weedon Island, which is well known for some awesome fishing and epic fish at times. Anglers launched their kayaks at 6:30 am and fished for snook, redfish and trout: one each, known as a Gulf Coast Slam. Several anglers recorded nice slams early on in the morning while redfish proved difficult to connect with for others.
Several anglers were on huge fall schools of big 30” plus reds and played the chase game only to end in frustration for most. Fall reds want meat…lots of it and there were other angles chunking cut bait which put the scent into the water. The result was a general snooty attitude to artificial lures, making it more of a challenge. It had to be a real hair puller to watch a pleasure angler catch a 38” redfish on cut bait out of the same huge school the tournament anglers were working.
The Hula Bay Club was ready for the iAngler CPR weigh in at 2:30 pm and the hungry contestants were ready too. Here’s a look at how did what:
Eric Henson won the ‘Smallest Fish’ award with a 7.4” trout. He was promptly awarded a bobber. The Bending Branches Big Fish award went to Derik Engle how landed a 31.5” redfish and an Angler Ace paddle.
 1st place was Derik Engle with a slam total of 68.35” with the redfish and trout being caught on soft plastic lures and the snook on MirrOlure Top Dog Jr. Derik won a variety of sponsor gear that overwhelmed the capacity of the Engel Cooler and the arms of a couple of friends…nice problem. Our sponsors wish to congratulate you Derik and so do we. We will see you at the National Championship at Fort DeSoto on October 16 & 17.
2nd place was captured by Eric Henson with a slam total of 58.3” with his 22.9” redfish his largest catch in the mix. Eric caught his slam on Monster 3X lures. He too was mixing it up with the big reds in several schools huge reds, but no takers. By the way his recording setting trout just pounded a MirrOlure Little John….funny how a juvenile fish will attack a lure that is bigger than it can swallow. Nice job Eric and congratulations from all of us at the Kayak Fishing ClassicS and our sponsors. See you next month for sure.
3rd place was controlled by Charles Mason with a total slam length of 57.9” who recorded a 22.9” redfish, a 20.8” snook and a 14.2” trout for his score.  Mason had shared in the same problem as Engle in trying to manage his haul of sponsor gear but managed with the help of friends…seems to be a persistent problems with our winners. Congratulations from all of our sponsors Charles.
4th place was won by Mike Carey also slammed the event for 4th place and 5th place was won by Adam Calderon who also slammed the Weedon Island Classic. Congratulations gentlemen from all of our sponsors.
The Hula Bay Club also congratulates winners and all of the anglers for an exciting event. They enjoyed having all of us at their water front eatery and invite all of you and your friends to join them at any time. We wish to thank the Hula Bay Club located at 5210 West Tyson Ave.
We wish to thank all of our fantastic sponsors for making an awesome event possible and invite everyone to visit our sponsors while on our website at www.KayakFishingClassicS.com