Marine Conservation Organizations we Support

The Kayak Fishing ClassicS Tournament Series shares the collected data on a varity of fish species with several marine & wildlife organizations to assist them with vital information that they need. The need for this data is great to better understand what is really going on in our waters and to help the combined organizations come up with effective solutions. Their efforts are important to all anglers that value our fisheries and want to be part of the solution.
Your efforts to provide us with the data that we need are greatly appreciated by all involved and the Tropic Bay Kayak Fishing ClassicS thank you for your efforts. It is very easy for you to do this as it is incorporated into our tournament scoring system. The length measurment and photographs that you take to enter a fish for weigh in is all the information that you need to provide us so that we may share the information. When we fish for tarpon we will provide you with a DNA kit for you to collect a sample of the DNA of the tarpon when it is safe to do so.
Over time and as we repeat tournament locations, a picture is painted about the general health and population size of a given species in a given area. It's that simple. We do ask you to visit the Snook Foundation after each tournament and plug in the information that they ask for. This provides them with data on Snook, Redfish & Spotted Seatrout by clicking under slot, in slot or over slot length selections. Simple! Below are the logos and links to the Marine Conservation Organizations that we support. All of us here at the ClassicS and your fellow anglers thank you greatly for being part of the solution.

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