About Kayak Fishing ClassicS

For the 2015 Series Year

This is NOT a rules page. This is to help you score points. Please READ ALL RULES.
 Entry Photos
Entry Photos must be taken with the fish placed upon the KFC official measuring tape.
Fishing Token must be placed upon the entry fish.
Do Not Pinch Tails. Entry fish must lie on the official measuring tape in a free and natural way.
Fish must lay FLAT on tape and not standing on its belly. It must be on its side, on the tape,
parallel to the water with tail fanned out. If tail is closed down to gain length the measurment will be to the shortest
section of the tail or photo may be disqualified.
All entry photos must have Date/Time stamp ON
Weigh In
Anglers must be signed in or in line to sign in by the posted weigh in time.
No anglers will be allowed to enter sign in line after posted weigh in time.
Judges will enter contestant name and time at weigh in.
Series Angler of the Year
The angler with the most combined total inches at the conclusion of all open tournamets, will
be the Series Angler of the Year. He/She will recieve a special plaque for this achievement.
You must use a digital camera with a removable media car.
It is advised that you bring the USB cable in the event the media card does not fit computer
All contestant entry photos must be email to tournament director no later than
9PM the Monday after the tournament. Falure to do so will results in a ZERO inch score.
National Championship Classic
The NCC is a closed event. You must fish any 2 KFCTS tournaments to qualify in 2014.
All kayaks will be awarded to the top angler/anglers in the NCC event. There are no
kayaks being awarded for divisional points leaders in 2014.
Tournament Awards
Awards given in any tournament are provided by our sponsors. The Top Ten anglers
in each tournament will have their pick of awards, 1 at a time & in order of finish.
Certain sponsor prizes may only be awarded 1 time to an angler over the course of
the series year. 
  • You will be called in order to the weigh in table.
  • A weigh in score sheet will be filled out in your presence which you will sign.
  • Your points will be entered onto the electronic scoreboard in your presence.
  • After all weigh in is complete, a third party will varify the score sheets and score board for each individual. Upon approval the score board will be rendered and automatically align all entries in highest to lowest order. This will also be varified by the third party and will be open to all contestants.
There will be no objections heard after this time. 
Announcement of the winners will be done by the tournament director only.
Violation will constitute disqualification.
 All scoring is determined and asigned by the Tournament Director and his judges.
All decisions by the Tournament Director are final.