About Kayak Fishing ClassicS

Month Date Location Species  
March 21 Indian River Lagoon Reds & Trout  
 April  18 & 19 * Kayak Fly Classic  Tampa Bay Open  (non-series)
 Reds, Snook, Trout
 May  23  Mosquito Lagoon  Reds & Trout  
 July 11 Matlacha/Pine Island Reds, Snook, Trout  
Sept.  19 Weedon Island  Reds, Snook, Trout  
Oct. 16  Captains Meeting & Dinner National Championship MUST Attend  
Oct. 17 **Invitational National Championship (Location TBA) Reds, Snook,Trout  
Nov. 13,14,15 ***Johnson Outdoors World Fishing Open Mosquito Lagoon Redfish  
    * Non -Series Event does NOT count as a series tournament fished    
    **You must fish 3 series events to qualify for national championship    
    ***Johnson Outdoors Wrold Fishing Open is open to all kayak anglers worldwide.